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Redmond Keisler
Family & Friends

The Louisana Grass

The Faris Family

The Duffin Family


Redmond Keisler
Family & Friends

The Louisana Grass

Dear Bluegrass Fans,

My name is Redmond Keisler and for those of you that don't know me, I own Key Video Services. All of the videos in this series were professionally recorded, edited, and duplicated with broadcast quality video equipment. Audio was recorded live directly from the sound engineer's console. I guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

I have an agreement with these bands to promote their videos on this web site. Just another way to make it easy for you, the fans, to participate in promoting bluegrass. You and your friends can feel like your sitting right there at a bluegrass festival.

Play these videos for someone who's never seen a bluegrass show or been to a festival.

If you wanted to, you could send them one as a gift.

May God bless and keep you safe on the bluegrass trail!

Redmond Keisler

P.O. Box 206
Sheridan, AR 72150
(870) 942-3775
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